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Wildcat Karoo Dry Cat Food Adult Rabbit & Chicken 3 kg

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grain free

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about 15% carbohydrates

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over 70% meat in dry matter

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suitable for allergy sufferers

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strengthens heart & circulation

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strengthens the immune system & organ function

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balanced ratio of omega 6 & omega 3 fatty acids

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no chemical preservatives, dyes or flavors

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contains no sunflower oil, canola oil, tapioca & Vitamine K3
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Rabbit and poultry are among the most popular meats for our domestic cats. Therefore, these animals are also at the top of the menu for our wild cat relatives. This natural food contains a high proportion of proteins and fats, almost all of which are of animal origin.
In Wildcat Karoo, this meat is combined with herbs and Immutop, a specially developed Jerusalem artichoke concentrate. Fresh salmon from clean waters rounds out this unique composition with its valuable fatty acids and vitamin D content.

But meat was not the only thing on the wild cat's menu. Since time immemorial, natural habitats such as forests and steppes have provided valuable healthy fruits, herbs and roots, which were also important food sources for the wild cat's prey. The cat also eats the stomach contents of these prey, including the plant parts that provide important dietary fiber. That is why Karoo contains a unique blend of fruits and herbs tailored to your cat's needs. No corn, wheat or soy is used in the food. Many cats cannot tolerate grains. It is no coincidence that several types of grains are among the most common allergy triggers today. Additives such as vitamin K3, garlic or cinnamon, which have recently been the subject of controversy, have also been eliminated.

Here's what Wildcat, the cat variety from Wolfsblut, offers you:
- Grain free - about 15% carbohydrates
- Over 70% meat in dry matter
- Unique combination of herbs
- Strengthens heart and circulation
- Strengthens the immune system and organ function
- Balanced ratio of omega-6 & omega-3 fatty acids
- No chemical preservatives, dyes or flavors
- Suitable for allergy sufferers
- Contains no sunflower oil, canola oil or tapioca
- Without Vitamin K 3
- Optimal taurine content

Vitality into old age can be easily achieved with a healthy diet
More Information
Brand Wildcat
Pet Cat
Type of food Dry
Ingredients Dried rabbit meat, dried turkey meat, dried chicken meat, dried salmon, fresh rabbit meat, chicken fat, chicken liver, brewer's yeast, salmon oil, Immutop (Jerusalem artichoke concentrate), catnip, tomato paste, thyme, marjoram, oregano, parsley, sage, sweet grass, salt, vitamins and minerals.
Analytical data Protein 43%, fat 18%, crude fiber 3%, crude ash 12%, moisture 8%, calcium 1,24%, phosphorus 1,46%, taurine 1400 mg/kg
Additives Vitamins A 24.500 IU / kg Vitamins D3 1700 IU / kg Vitamins E 500 IU / kg Vitamins B1 13,50 mg / kg Vitamins B2 13,00 mg / kg Vitamins B6 5,00 mg / kg Vitamins B12 100,00 mcg / kg Vitamins C 38,00 mg / kg Biotin 275,00 mcg / kg Folic acid 1,00 mg / kg Niacine 24,00 mg / kg Inositol 21. 00 mcg/kg Choline chloride 222.00 mcg/kg Pantothenate 9.00 mcg/kg DL-methionine 1240.00 mcg/kg Probioics MOS 610.00 mcg/kg Probiotica FOS 610.00 mcg/kg Taurine 1400.00 mcg/kg 1.510% calcium 1.240% phosphorus Potassium 0.840% 0.580% sodium Chloride 1.280% 0.70% magnesium Zinc sulphate 148. 000 mg / kg Copper sulphate (chelate) 18.000 mg / kg Manganese (chelate) 35.000 mg / kg IJzer (chelate) 100.000 mg / kg Selenium 0,220 mg / kg
Grain free Yes
Gluten free Yes
Contains salmon oil Yes
Kibble type Extruded
Main protein source Rabbit
Weight (kg) 3 kg
Life stage cat Adult
Good for digestion Yes
Good for skin & coat Yes
Percentage protein source 70

Feeding guide for adult cats

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 Recommended daily amount in grams
Weight cat - 2,5 kg 2,5-3,5 kg 3,5-5 kg + 5 kg
  30-45 45-50 50-60 + 60

Each cat is unique and the amount of food will vary with age and activity level. Use this chart as a basic guideline and adjust portions as needed. Make sure fresh, clean water is always available.
Not sure how much food to give? Contact us and we can calculate the optimum calorie intake for your pet.