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Free shipping from €65 in Belgium & the Netherlands

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A green planet for our furry friends

At Food4Pets, we not only want the best for all our wagging and purring friends, but also for our beautiful planet.

That's why we make full-on green, sustainable choices.


Green products…

When selecting the products, we not only look at their quality which your four-legged friend will benefit, but we are also always guided by their environmental impact.

…in green boxes

Maybe you are expecting your first order soon or maybe it has already been delivered to your doorstep: our Food4Pets box! A green gem, with a FSC label.

The FSC label guarantees responsible sourcing from sustainably managed forests and/or recycling. Moreover, cardboard boxes carrying an FSC claim can only do so when the processing chain from forest to end product is also controlled in terms of traceability. More info on this can be found here.

For our smallest boxes, we invariably choose recovery boxes that we like to give a second life. This avoids having to produce new boxes that require starting up machinery, consuming electricity and creating waste and pollution.

Responsible use of film

To make all the owners and their four-legged friends happy as soon as possible, we work at lightning speed. We also do not wrap our pallets manually with foil, but with a special machine that does this in 1, 2, 3. An additional advantage of this powerhouse? The foil stretches up to seven (seven!) times more, so we use a lot less plastic foil and nature thanks us for that.


Renewable energy

Thanks to the sun and as many as 400 solar panels, we supply our warehouse and office entirely with green energy. We also no longer use gas, working exclusively with heat pumps. Outside, we opt for as much green as possible. And our warehousemen? They drive around in electric forklifts.

In short, we always try to do business as sustainably as possible and make informed green choices. Each time again, each time a little more, each time a step closer to a beautiful, green future.