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Platinum Dry Cat Food MeatCrisp Adult Chicken

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for adult cats of all breeds

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healthy dry food without attractants

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from 83% fresh meat only

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without meat meal or animal meal

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without cereals containing gluten

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nutritious and easy to digest

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taurine optimised
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For the first time, a Freshmeatdryer has made it possible to prepare a complete dr y cat food from fresh meat. The outstanding feature of the Freshmeatdryer: it preserves the natural micronutrients and amino acids of the fresh meat. As a result, MeatCrisp replaces cats‘ hunting prey better than most commercial cat foods. This way MeatCrisp makes your cat well-balanced and healthier.

No attractants and still delicious
The Freshmeatdryer crisps fresh meat with other ingredients essential to cat health at a low temperature and circulating air. The slow and even drying process, preserves the natural flavour of the meat in addition to the proper nutritional composition for cat health. Therefore, even without attractants, MeatCrisp is super delicious for your cat.

MeatCrisp is prepared from fresh meat only – without meat meal or animal meal
In-depth research has shown that many commercial cat foods do not meet the protein needs of cats. This can be the case when a cat food contains mostly vegetable proteins or is made with meat meal or animal meal. The animal proteins in meat meal or animal meal are lower in value than in fresh meat, because the animal meals have already been heavily heated several times before being processed into cat food. Compared to fresh meat, meat meal and animal meal, as well as vegetable protein sources, have lower protein digestibility and biological value, and the same applies to nutrient content. That is why MeatCrisp is prepared from fresh meat only.
More Information
Brand Platinum
Pet Cat
Type of food Dry
Ingredients Fresh chicken meat 83 %, Flor de Maíz (finest corn flour), fresh salmon, mix of potatoes*, peas* and rice, brewer’s yeast*, vegetable fibre*, egg*, salt, salmon oil, chicory root* (FOS). (*dried)
Analytical data Ruw eiwit 35 %, Ruwe Celstof 3 %, Ruw vet 17 %, Calcium 1,1 %, Ruwe as 6,9 %, Fosfor 1 %
Additives Vitaminen: 3a672a/vitamine A 35.000 IE, 3a671/vitamine D3 1.500 IE, 3a700/vitamine E 200 mg. Sporenelementen: 3b101/ijzer 40 mg, 3b203/jodium 1,5 mg, 3b405/koper 10 mg, 3b505/mangaan 10 mg, 3b502/mangaan 20 mg, 3b603/zink 80 mg, 3b612/zink 40 mg, 3b810/selenium 0,05 mg, 3b802/selenium 0,10 mg, 3a370/taurine 1.500 mg.
Gluten free Yes
Contains salmon oil Yes
Kibble type Extruded
Main protein source Chicken
Life stage cat Adult
Good for skin & coat Yes
Percentage protein source 83

Feeding guide for adult cats

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 Recommended daily amount in grams
Weight cat 2 kg 3 kg 4 kg 5 kg 6 kg 7 kg 8 kg
  41 54 65 76 86 95 104

Each cat is unique and the amount of food will vary with age and activity level. Use this chart as a basic guideline and adjust portions as needed. Make sure fresh, clean water is always available.
Not sure how much food to give? Contact us and we can calculate the optimum calorie intake for your pet.